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The 3 Main Components of the hempSMART Compensation Plan

The hempSMART Compensation Plan is your vehicle for financial independence while benefitting from the exclusive hempSMART products and helping others do the same.

In addition to using our products, our compensation plan provides a logical and rewarding pathway to a better financial future.

It rewards your personal efforts and allows you to leverage your time while helping others within your referral network achieve their success.

The plan is generous and provides a substantial income earning potential. The compensation plan below depicts the amount of income potential you can earn from monthly affiliate product purchases and website sales.

There's no limit to the success and rewards you can receive from partnering with hempSMART!

Retail, Customer and Affiliate Pricing
(hempSMART Brain)

Retail US $64.95 per bottle

Customer US $60.95 per bottle

Affiliate Cost US $55.95

Note: All options stated above will be assessed with tax and shipping charges where applicable.

The explanation below is quite detailed and may require support and training to fully understand. As with any compensation plan, following simple steps and rules, and paying attention will promote the development and rapid growth of your organization. Your income potential at hempSMART is limited only by your Actions, Desire, Attitude, Commitment and Persistence, each a hallmark of successful people, in any business venture!

Prosperity Bonus Program
Rewarding You for Residential Business

The Prosperity Bonus Program pays out a full 7% on ALL Business Partners orders seven levels deep, PLUS 1-2-3% Infinity Bonus if qualified.

Qualifications Are:

To Earn 7% On

levels of BV

Maintain 100 AutoShip PPV (APPV) (2 bottle), personally or from a personally enrolled Customer, and personally enroll 1 Partner or VIP Customer with an AutoShip (100PPV)

To Earn 7% On

levels of BV

Maintain 100 APPV (2 bottles), 1,000 Organization Point Value (OPV), and 4 Personally Enrolled with an AutoShip

To Earn 7% On

levels of BV

Maintain 100 APPV (2 bottles), 5,000 OPV, and 5 Personally Enrolled with an AutoShip

To Earn 7% On

levels of BV

Maintain 200 APPV (4 bottles), 10,000 OPV, and 6 Personally Enrolled with an AutoShip

To Earn 7% On

levels of BV

Maintain 200 APPV (4 bottles), 25,000 OPV and 7 Personally Enrolled with an AutoShip

Prosperity Infinity Bonus

  • To earn 1% Prosperity Infinity beginning on the 8th level a BP needs to have 300 APPV, 50,000 OPV and 6 Personally Enrolled with an Auto Ship
  • To earn 2% on Prosperity Infinity beginning on the 9th level a BP needs to have 400 APPV, 100,000 OPV, and 8 Personally Enrolled with an Auto Ship
  • To earn 3% on Prosperity Infinity beginning on the 10th level a BP needs to have 500 APPV, 250,000 OPV, and 10 Personally Enrolled with an Auto Ship
  • Infinity (Prosperity) Bonuses are paid to infinity until someone in the downline qualifies for the same percentage Infinity Bonus. This Partner will then receive the Infinity Bonus down to the next equally qualified Partner in their downline. If a Partner is qualified for a higher percentage Infinity Bonus than a Partner in their downline, the percentage difference will be paid out down to the next equally qualified Partner. If you are qualified for all 3 Prosperity Infinity Bonuses, even if all first level Partners below you are all qualified for all 3 Prosperity Infinity Bonuses, you still are earning 1% on levels 8, 9 and 10.

The number of "levels" of Auto Ship orders on which you earn commission each month is determined by:

  • APPV (Auto Ship Personal Point Value): The PV from your personal Auto Ship orders and the Auto Ship orders of your Customers and team members.
  • OPV (Organizational Point Value – Auto Ship only) PPV (Auto Ship Only) & the PPV of 7 levels of Auto Ship organization volume.
*** Full Compression applies. Any Partner without current month PV or BV is compressed out during the commission run and the next Auto Ship qualified Partner’s volume compresses up to the qualified Partner in their upline.
  • Active Business Partner: Business Partner that has placed an order on his/her account within the last 6 calendar months and has paid their annual renewal fee on time. If he/she is not active, then they are not eligible to receive any weekly or monthly commissions.
  • "Active" Director: A Director who has "fully qualified" in one of the past three months and maintains a monthly volume of at least 100 PPV. "Active" Directors (if not fully qualifed in the current month) do not earn Generational overrides, but can still earn TeamBuilder and Prosperity bonuses if they have the required APPV.
  • Auto Ship Personal Point Value [APPV]: The PV from your personal Auto Ship orders and the Auto Ship order of your VIP Customers. These sales include personal wholesale Auto Ship purchases and your VIP Customer Auto Ship purchases.
  • Bonus Value [BV]: The value assigned to each product purchased for purposes of calculating commission payments.
  • Compression: When PV from an order from a level or generation moves up one or more levels or generations due to his or her downline Business Partners with no PV for any commissions on that order.
  • Director Leg: A Director leg is one in which you have a qualified Director. Only the first-generation Director in a leg will count towards Director leg qualifications.
  • Enroller: The Business Partner who is responsible for recruiting and signing up the new Partner (enrollee). The Enroller receives the Enroller TBB, if qualified. The Enroller also maintains credit for a personally enrolled Auto Ship Partner. The Enroller may also be referred to as the Direct Sponsor.
  • Enroller Bonus: A set bonus amount, calculated weekly, on all personally enrolled TBP purchases, paid to you when you qualify. These bonuses are paid weekly if you are set up for StemPay E-Wallet, and have a one-week payout lag time. To qualify: Must be on a active Auto Ship (minimum 50 PV).
  • Generation: Generations can be referred to as levels but for the purposes of the LLB, a generation refers to generations of qualified or "Active" Directors and their volume (DGPV). For you to benefit from yoru Generations of Directors you must be "fully qualified" Director or higher.
  • Level: The position between Business Partners. A level depends on where a Business Partner is placed within the organization. For example, I personally enroll and sponsor a Business Partner they are on my first level. If I personally enroll and place a Business Partner they can be on any level.
  • Lifestyle Leadership Infinity Bonus: 1% - 3% of BV on downline Business Partners Auto Ship and non Auto Ship orders over the first 100 BV that are beyond the 6th generation of Directors that is paid to you when you qualify.
  • Matching Bonus: An up to 50% matching bonus, calculated weekly, (This is to becom ethe Double Personal Enrollment Bonus as WELL as the Matching Bonus).
  • Organization Point Value [OPV]: Your PPV, plus the PPV of yoru seven-level organization. Only Auto Ship volume is counted. This is the total PV of yoru Auto Ship organization, through seven levels. Calendar month OPV is used to meet promotion and qualification requirements in both the Prosperity and LLB Program.
  • Personally qualified: An affiliate that has at least a 100PV.
  • Placement: An Enroller may "place" a new Business Partner (Enrollee) under another downline Business Partner as part of organizational structure strategy. All parties have the potential to benefit when this is placing Business Partners in their downline as significant income may be generated in the future that is outside of the enrollers pay levels or generations.
  • Personal Point Value [PPV]: The PV from your personal orders
  • Placement Sponsor:The downline Business Partner whom the new Business Partner (Enrollee) is placed directly under, is referred to as the "placement sponsor". The placement sponsor benefits from the new Business Partner's PV and BV as the compensation plan allows. TeamBuilder Enroller bonuses from the enrollee will be paid to the Enroller and not to the Placement Sponsor.
  • Point Value [PV]: The value assigned to each product purchased used to meet qualification criteria to earn
  • Promotion or Advancement: A Business Partner may advance to or be promoted to a higher title or rank when they meet the qualifications as set forth in the compensation plan. When a Business Partner advances or is promoted in rank or title, he or she always retains the highest title or rank name achieved. Regardless of title or rank name, monhtly commissions will be paid out at the title or rank the Parnter is fully qualified at each month.
  • Prosperity Bonus Program: The Prosperity Bonus pays out 7% on the first 100 BV (Auto Ship and non Auto Ship) through 7 levels when a Business Partner is qualified. Prosperity Infinity Bonuses are paid on level 8 and below when Business Partner is qualified.
  • Prosperity Commissions: A percentage of Bonus Value on downline Business Partners Auto Ship orders that is paid to you when you qualify.
  • Prosperity Infinity Bonus: 1% - 3% of Bonus paid on your 8th level to infinity when qualified. This bonus has the potential to pay you on the first 100 BV that accumulates on all orders placed by your entire organization down to the very last level or generation in a given month from an individual IBP (excluding VIP customer volume). If someone in your organization also qualifies for a certain Infinity Bonus level, he or she will reduce the number of levels you will earn bonuses on.
  • Qualified: To earn compensation for any position or title, the Business Partner must be personally "qualified" at that rank, each month. These qualifications are met during each calendar month, without exception. The minimum qualifier to earn overrides in the LLB Program is 100 PPV (you also need the requisite DGPV amount) and the TB program is 50 APPV.

Example: Required volume Leg 1 total volume Leg 2 total volume Leg 3 total volume 100,000 OGV 80,000 PPV 20,000 PPV 40,000 PPV

Only 50,000 PPV out of the 80,000 PPV from Leg 1 can be used. The 20,000 PPV from Leg 2 and 40,000 PPV from Leg 3 can be used in total.

Building An Organization

The next step in growing your business is building an organization. Let’s look at what an organization is and how the Compensation Plan rewards you for developing your business.

For the purposes of this plan, your organization is defined as you, all the Affiliates and customers that you enroll and all the Field Representatives that they sponsor, down to the last person directly or indirectly sponsored by you. Think of your organization like a family tree. You would be at the top of the tree, and your organization includes you and all of your descendants.
Building an organization is the key to harnessing the full power of the affiliate marketing business model. There are only 168 hours in a week, and there is a limit on how many hours any one individual can work. With your help, other hempSMART Affiliates in your organization can build their own organizations, which could mean thousands of combined work hours! The best part... you get paid on a percentage of the sales your organization generates! This is in addition to what you earn for your own sales. Imagine the possibilities for growth ... over time, as your organization grows, you can earn more money than you ever could working alone. As your organization flourishes, you can easily see how you could be earning income using the concept(s) of leverage.

How You Get Paid

hempSMART pays all commissions electronically (i.e., no paper checks).
IMPORTANT: If you have not already done so, please go to, log in to the "My Account" section and click on the "Commission Payment Options" link.
Commission pay periods start on the first day of the month and on the last day of month at midnight Eastern Time.

Quick Start Bonuses are paid monthly, on the Friday of the week following a personal enrollment with a product order.

So for example, if you enroll Don on Monday of this week, your personal enrollment Quick Start Bonus will be paid the following Friday. (Aprox. 12 days later in this example)

All commissions (other than Quick Start Bonuses) are paid monthly, on the 20th of the month for bonuses earned the previous month. For example, your monthly commission payment for commissions earned in January will be paid on the 20th of February. However, if the 20th is not a banking day, the payment will be made either the banking day before, or the banking day after the 20th.

To qualify to receive regular monthly commissions for any given month, you must have at least 100 PPV points.

hempSMART has a $10.00 commission payment minimum. If you earn less than $10.00 in commissions in a given month, those will be added to your next month's commission total.