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Your discovery of  hempSMART is

perfect timing!

The hemp industry, including new product CBD-based discoveries is here – it is a smart, organic personal care option! Industrial hemp is one of the fastest growing segments of the wellness industry and is quickly emerging as a lucrative business opportunity and hempSMART™ is leading the way!

How to be hempSMART? Be the first to…

  • Take charge of your life by becoming educated about high-quality CBD-based wellness products
  • Build your own business opportunities
  • Introduce others to the benefits of this revolutionary movement

Benefit from our Superior Product formulations
hempSMART strives to create products that are designed to revolutionize the way people care for themselves. The goal of our products is to create products that combine effective ingredients in wellness technologies with CBD, to help support the endocannabinoid systems ability to maintain balance in our bodies. 

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"Our products and compensation plan were designed to give our affiliates the opportunity to learn how to become hempSMART!"

"Our products contain original formulations that are created to combine all natural ingredients that are aimed to support your needs."

"The cannabinoids in our products are entirely derived from industrial hemp and can be traced directly back to their original seed source."

"As sales of CBD products continue to increase the Hemp Business Journal forecasts the entire U.S. CBD market will increase to $2.1 billion by 2020 and that $450 million dollars of those sales will be from hemp based sources."

"Some cannabinoids are produced by our own bodies. High quality full spectrum CBD, which is made optimally absorbable by the body, is at the forefront of advanced botanical medicine." - Paula Vetter RN, MSN, FNP-C

"I am extremely selective when it comes to choosing wellness products for my family, my clients and myself. I am very impressed with hempSMART’s commitment to outstanding ingredients that are the best of the best. hempSMART is without a doubt the preeminent leader in the wellness industry." - Jake Petrykowski

Your discovery of the hempSMART Pre-Launch is perfect timing!