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Why hempSMART?

Our Mission is to be the first to find, test, and deliver the finest natural ingredients focused on wellness and personal care, with the added benefits of hemp-based cannabinoids.

Our Goal is to take the lead in creating hempSMART into a movement that helps promote the industrial hemp revolution on a global level. We help support the resurgence of green sustainable hemp based products and technologies that have a positive effect on the health of our planet.

Our Method is centered around a unique network affiliate opportunity which actively supports our members and rewards their efforts. We commit to providing world-class training and support materials to help before, during and after purchase of any hempSMART product line. Our system creates an environment that allows each team member to grow and build a life aligned with their unique purpose while contributing to the whole.

Our Team is made up of hempSMART entrepreneurs who have decades of professional experience in the industrial hemp industry. They understand the importance of having integrity in their business practices and see the importance of educating everyone about the endocannabinoid system.

Our Success comes from building a responsible company of individuals who share common goals, purposes, values, and a commitment to maintaining a sustainable earth, as well as, a sustainable lifestyle.


Earn income and make history - Join the hempSMART™ Movement!