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Imagine a life where there are no limits.

Where everything you ever wanted to be or do is possible. At hempSMART, we change lives every day, one dream at a time.

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 Fulfill Your Dreams

As a hempSMART Associate, dedicate part-time or full-time hours to building your own business.

  • Flexible Schedule: Enjoy the flexibility to work your own schedule on your own terms.
  • Your Own Terms: Have more free time to spend doing what you love. At hempSMART, nobody tells you when to wake up, show up or suit up. That’s up to you! This is your business. You can focus on making your dreams a reality, when you want to do it. You create your own schedule in line with your own availability and motivation. This is a global, online opportunity. As you begin to get your time back, from the power of leveraging other people’s time and results, you can literally begin to earn more money while freeing up more time to do the things you want to do most in life.
  • Earn More Income: No one can guarantee what you’ll earn in this industry, or to what extent your life may be enriched. It would be impossible to do that as no two individuals are alike. However, the leveraging power of the hempSMART Compensation Plan allows you to tap into a vehicle that is already proven. Weekly and Monthly bonus payouts, commissions and overrides can really add up fast in this exciting environment with a payout structure that is unlike any other in the business.
  • Take Charge of Your Life: Feeling a little lost or misdirected? Wondering where life has you headed and trying to make sense of it all? In our industry, we thrive on providing you with the tools you need to lead an empowered life. To be in control and know where you’re going. hempSMART gives you the roadmap to create success on your terms.
  • Help People Lead Healthy Lives: Ever wanted to creating something amazing for your children? Somehow help your parents who have done so much for you? Network marketing gives you the vehicle to help those special people in your life. It takes resources and freedom to create an incredible life. In this business, you get to decide who you share them with.
  • Realize Your True Potential: At hempSMART, we’re always on the lookout for rising stars. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done this before, or if you have any previous experience. YOU can be our next top leader or income earner. Watch as your level of confidence and leadership rise with your earnings. We help you shine, helping you realize the satisfaction and fulfillment that only comes from helping others while becoming more than you ever knew you could be.
  • Create Long Term Safety & Security: When you secure your own long-term, residual passive income, something amazing can happen. Knowing you are not at risk, that you can’t be fired or let go. It gives someone a sense of peace that is hard to explain. Creating a life vs. just earning a living is one of the most liberating, freeing experiences there is. You’re opening a world of possibilities!
  • Build a Legacy for Your Family: You’ll have the opportunity to create something solid with hempSMART for your kids and grandkids that will stand the tests of time. That your family is taken care of, even if something were to happen to you. Remember, you are creating your own business. You’re building an asset you can pass along for generations to come.
  • Enjoy Abundant Reward & Recognition: The hempSMART Compensation and Rewards Program is designed to help you experience a lot more than just a surge in income. Being recognized by your peers for your dedication and productivity is something many hempSMART Associates appreciate. Free product and prizes are frequently part of our Specials and Incentives. And ranking up, along with other achievements, are often stepping stones to earning travel and more. Get used to winning and ready to celebrate many different milestones with your best friends.
  • Help Create a World of Sustainability: Did you know that hemp cleans the air as well as the soil? It is the strongest plant fiber in the world and can be used inexpensively to create things such as fuel, oil, paper, food, building materials, clothing, and much, much more. Hemp is great for the planet and is renewable in every sense of the word. As a hempSMART Associate, you’re contributing to planetary health and making the world a better place. Find a meaningful cause and make a world of difference supporting it.
  • Save the Planet & Love Doing So: Probably the single greatest benefit you can get from a partnership with hempSMART is LOVING what you do. So many people today seem unpassionate or moved by their choices and options. In our world, lifting others up and helping those who need it most is one of the most inspirational, exciting callings there is. Imagine having your own schedule yet never needing an alarm to wake up. You’ll enjoy an energy and sense of belonging as a part of the hempSMART Family you won’t find anywhere else in the world.
  • Change Lives: We believe creating a life is very different from making a living. And helping others rise is the foundation of what we do, one relationship at a time. Hope is all around us and solutions are our business. Whether you simply want to live a life of vitality and optimal health or create a world class organization that creates freedoms and choices others only dream of, you will find a culture with hempSMART of people sharing and coming together to do amazing things and make a huge difference.

One Team

When you sell hempSMART products, you become part of a caring community of like-minded individuals invested in helping others achieve their optimal well-being.

The Time Is Now

Many people who join hempSMART are learning about CBD for the first time. They are new to being entrepreneurs and we are here to support their growth.

We’ve chosen to lead the global marketplace in the space where the health and wellness are a choice. Real discoveries based in hemp and CBD science are forging the next great movement. And if you follow the industry, you already know of the incredible growth and commerce that explosive demand is generating right now.

You are here early and at precisely the right moment to benefit from what Forbes predicts will be an industry worth billions over just the next few years.

Join Us in Our Success!

Fueled By Nature,
 Hand Crafted For You

There’s never been a better time to be part of something big. 
Join now and take control of your life.

Compensation Disclaimer: No product purchase is required. Any claims and representations referring to earnings or income contained in this document are not a guarantee, nor are they a projection of an average Associate’s earnings or profits. Earnings or potential earnings of existing independent Associates are not necessarily representative of the income a hempSMART Associate can or will earn through their participation in hempSMART. No one can be guaranteed an income as a hempSMART Associate.

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