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Hemp Bandwagon

Baby Boomers Hop on the Hemp Bandwagon

The rapidly expanding fascination and burgeoning market for hemp is not confined to a single generation. Every age group, from Generation Z to Baby Boomers, has experienced the remarkable health benefits of hemp.

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Cbd Drops and Plant

Beyond CBD: The Power of SMART Hemp Extracts

Over the past few years, CBD has taken the world by storm. Daily, I see claims that CBD “cures” a myriad of ills. As a holistic nurse practitioner and certified herbalist for more than 30 years, those exaggerated claims “push my buttons”, for a variety of reasons.

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Calming Dog

Keep Your Dog CALM During Fireworks!

The 4th of July, Independence Day, is a day of celebration and outdoor festivities. Parades, picnics and barbecues are frequently followed by the eagerly anticipated fireworks. The pyrotechnics draw “oooohs” and “aaaahs” from lots of people, but not so much from our furry canine companions!

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Six Steps for Better Sleep

Six Steps for Better Sleep

Good sleep is foundational for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Without it, your emotional balance, daytime productivity, energy, and weight can all be negatively impacted.

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Morning Run

How Walking Can Support Your Mental & Physical Health

It’s no secret that physical and mental health are connected. Even light physical exercise such as walking can go a long way in boosting your overall health. Walking offers several health benefits, and is an easy exercise to incorporate into your lifestyle.

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CBD Molecule

What Are Terpenes & Why Do They Matter?

Most people familiar with cannabis know about CBD and THC. Those are just two of approximately four hundred beneficial compounds naturally found in hemp. The hemp plant is a treasure trove of complimentary phytonutrients that promote health. This is why a high quality broad-spectrum hemp extract is important.

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