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CBD: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of approximately 400 therapeutic compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD is extremely popular, but often misunderstood. MIS-information about CBD abounds!

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No Pain = Huge GAIN!

Aches and pains take a toll on our energy and our mood. We hurt after exercise, hours sitting at the computer, or long days of

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CBD: What’s In It for ME?

It seems that CBD is everywhere these days!  Have you been paying attention?  Should a CBD Based formula be part of your daily self-care regimen?

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How Does CBD Impact Our Health?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most important therapeutic compounds found in the hemp plant. Our bodies are “hard-wired” to use CBD through our inborn

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Put Your Best FACE Forward

Put Your Best FACE Forward Beauty is certainly more than skin deep. Still, we spend a lot of money on promises of a “fountain of

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hempSMART™ Brain: A Game-Changer

hempSMART Brain: A Game-Changer The hot new item in nutritional supplementation is “NOOTROPICS”. They are also referred to as “Smart Pills”. The increasing incidence of

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