CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most important therapeutic compounds found in the hemp plant.

Our bodies are “hard-wired” to use CBD through our inborn Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is like the “orchestra conductor” of the body. It establishes balance and harmony between our cells, organs, glands, and tissues. 

The ECS is responsible for regulating balance in our body’s immune response, appetite, metabolism, memory, and more.

It regulates all of our hormones, our brain chemistry, and multiple processes to maintain cellular health.  The ECS is so critical that there are even cannabinoids contained in human breast milk.

Naturally occurring, hemp-derived CBD is not a drug. 

That means that it is illegal to claim that it treats, cures, or prevents any disease.  What CBD does, is to support the ECS to carry out all of its essential functions.

CBD healthOur body normally makes small amounts of cannabinoids.

These compounds have a very short life span, so optimal cellular balance can be difficult to maintain. Supplementing with natural, bioactive, full spectrum CBD supports our ECS to maintain optimal balance and harmony.

By supporting the ECS to balance our hormones, regulate our brain chemistry, and aid in healthy immune response, we are supporting the wisdom of every cell in the body to heal, repair and regenerate, as we were designed to do.

~Your hormones include not just sex hormones, but also thyroid hormones that regulate metabolism, and adrenal hormones that govern your response to stress.

~Your brain chemistry includes all the substances that regulate learning, mood, sleep, focus, memory, problem solving, and appetite.

~ Healthy immune response regulates your body’s response to internal and external threats.

If all of your hormones, brain chemistry, and immune functions were fine-tuned and working optimally, how good would YOU feel?

When we create a healthy, well balanced internal environment in the body, it is difficult for health challenges to co-exist.  HempSMART’s high quality CBD focuses on promoting optimal health. In addition, our bioactive, full spectrum CBD supports cellular wisdom with the full entourage effect of the hemp plant (minus THC).

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Paula Vetter, FNP

Paula Vetter, FNP

Paula Vetter is a Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner with more than 30 years of experience in both Traditional and Functional Medicine. She is also a Certified Herbalist and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Paula was a Critical Care Instructor at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic for more than a decade, taught at two Ohio colleges, and did primary care in a busy Family Practice in NE Ohio. She is a Shoemaker Certified CIRS Practitioner with a private CIRS practice in central CA, until she recently retired. Her passion is educating, inspiring and empowering individuals and families to take charge of their health and transform their lives.