hempSMART Brain: A Game-Changer

The hot new item in nutritional supplementation is “NOOTROPICS”. They are also referred to as “Smart Pills”. The increasing incidence of brain and nervous system challenges has prompted a surge in scientific research in this arena. Synthetic drugs have been of limited benefit for treating symptoms, while often causing troublesome side effects. A variety of natural products have been shown, in clinical trials, to improve cognitive function.

There are a variety of new products claiming to enhance brain function. A few of them have valuable ingredients. Unfortunately, these are often in trace amounts. They are often too small to offer any real benefit, except for marketing! In other words, all hype, no substance.

HempSMART Brain is unique in the marketplace.

This ” first of its kind” product utilizes a synergistic blend of natural botanical compounds, in addition to Ayurvedic herbs, and premium CBD, all in clinically researched amounts.

CBD scientific research is extensive and compelling. The brain is “hardwired” with specialized receptors for CBD. Clinical studies indicate that neurogenesis (the production of NEW brain cells) is supported by CBD. As a result, this means there is the potential to build new infra-structure in the brain.


hempSMART Brain exemplifies the practical application of cutting edge research.

Premium botanical ingredients, in effective amounts, combine synergistically with water-soluble CBD for optimal brain support. Furthermore, this unique formula promises to revolutionize the safe, effective, natural optimization of brain health.

HempSMART Brain supports:

  • mental clarity & alertness
  • focus and concentration
  • relaxation & restorative sleep
  • learning and recall
  • repair and regeneration of brain cells

Are you looking for peak performance in school, at work, or just in the day-to-day demands of multi-tasking? HempSMART Brain offers a safe and effective solution.

You can purchase hempSMART Brain here: http://www.hempsmart.com/hempSmart-Brain/

Finally, for more information about all the hempSMART products visit the hempSMART site here: www.hempSMART.com


Paula Vetter, FNP

Paula Vetter, FNP

Paula Vetter is a Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner with more than 30 years of experience in both Traditional and Functional Medicine. She is also a Certified Herbalist and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Paula was a Critical Care Instructor at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic for more than a decade, taught at two Ohio colleges, and did primary care in a busy Family Practice in NE Ohio. She is a Shoemaker Certified CIRS Practitioner with a private CIRS practice in central CA, until she recently retired. Her passion is educating, inspiring and empowering individuals and families to take charge of their health and transform their lives.