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The 4th of July, Independence Day, is a day of celebration and outdoor festivities. Parades, picnics and barbecues are frequently followed by the eagerly anticipated fireworks. The pyrotechnics draw “oooohs” and “aaaahs” from lots of people, but not so much from our furry canine companions!

The loud bangs, accompanied by bright flashing lights, are often traumatizing for dogs. Acute hearing in dogs means that sounds are amplified for them. They may also hear fireworks exploding from much further away, sounds that are undetectable to humans. The multiple loud explosions can be very stressful and studies show that 40-50% of dogs exhibit demonstrate specific symptoms of an exaggerated stress response. Symptoms may vary by breed as well as individual personality traits. Fear of fireworks is also frequently more evident in older dogs.1

Symptoms to Look For:

Your pet may exhibit signs such as pacing, panting, excessive thirst, hiding, vocalizing, trembling, incontinence, or drooling. Dogs may also attempt to FLEE the perceived threat. More dogs run away on the 4th of July than any other time of the year! Fortunately, there are specific steps you can take before and during the fireworks to keep your pets safe and comfortable. 2

Prepare in Advance:

  1. Be sure your dog is wearing an ID tag with current contact information and check to be sure that microchip info is up to date.
  2. Feed and walk your dog before dusk. Anxiety can interfere with appetite and bladder control.
  3. Fill your dog’s water bowl. Anxiety and panting increase thirst.
  4. Close doors and windows to mute the noise. Close blinds to reduce flashing lights.
  5. Block dog doors to prevent “escape” from the house in a panic.
  6. Calm your dog with Smart Drops THC-free CBD oil.

During the Fireworks:

  1. Mask outside noise with TV or music, volume turned up louder than usual.
  2. Provide a safe space with familiar bed, toys, blanket, etc.
  3. Be calm & reassuring. Your dog will pick up on your mood.
  4. If you need to open an outside door, shut your pet in an inside room first.
  5. Additional Smart Drops CBD can be administered directly into your dog’s mouth, between the lips and gum for rapid and complete absorption.

How Does CBD Help to CALM Your Dog?

Dogs have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS), just like people do. (In fact, ALL mammals have one.) The ECS is the internal “Orchestra Conductor” for the body. It works behind the scenes to regulate hormones (including stress hormones, like adrenalin), balance brain chemistry, and regulate inflammation and healthy immune response.)

A premium quality CBD product can support your pet’s ECS to maintain a healthy and balanced state. This allows your pet to manage and react to stress more appropriately.

How Do You Choose a SAFE and EFFECTIVE CBD Product?

Because all CBD is not the same, you need to be a wise consumer for your pet. Look for a broad spectrum CBD that includes synergistic cannabinoids, terpenes, and associated plant nutrients. These components combine for the powerful “Entourage Effect”, just as mother nature designed. Hempsmart removes all THC, so there is no risk of the side effects that pets may experience from psychoactive THC.

Hempsmart Smart Drops are premium broad spectrum organic hemp extract, in organic hemp oil and coconut oil, for superior absorption and bioavailability.

All hempsmart products are double tested by a certified independent laboratory for purity & potency. Our Certificates of Analysis (available on our website) validate our purity, potency, and integrity. We exceed industry standards with comprehensive testing for pesticides, bacteria, mold, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Of course we also provide a cannabinoid and terpene profile for each product.

Some companies put CBD into pet treats. While those may be helpful, they must be digested and pass thru then liver before they are partially absorbed. CBD drops placed between the lip and gum are better absorbed, directly into the blood stream, for optimal effect.

Your pets deserve all the energy, vitality, mobility, and contentedness that internal balance and optimal health can bring. Hempsmart is committed to enhancing and improving lives. Help your canine companions to live life to the fullest with Smart Drops.

Real results you can FEEL from the brand you can TRUST!


2 thoughts on “Keep Your Dog CALM During Fireworks!

  1. How much of the cbs drops should I give our 5.5 pound Yorkie (15 years old)

    1. We would recommend a quarter dropper to a half dropper. Start with a quarter and if desired results are not achieved up the daily dosage to a half dropper.

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