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Sleep well and wake
up refreshed.

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Taking care of your mental health is hard. That’s why we created the “We’re in this Together” campaign, a community-based text service filled with daily affirmations, mental health tips, and other helpful resources to help you take control of your mental wellbeing. #WereInThisTogether

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Designed with your
whole body in mind.

hempsmart™ Smart Drops Natural Hemp 16.6mg

6 flavors, 3 strengths, and 1 smart start to your day to help you manage stress, relieve pain, and finally get restorative sleep.

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hempsmart™ Neuro Smart

Our patented, mental performance formulation to help support healthy brain function, memory, focus and mental speed.

$72 a month · Subscribe & Save 30%

hempsmart™ Smart Cream

Our botanicals and ayurvedic herbs provide an immediate soothing and cooling sensation, while supporting muscle relief. Great for back, neck, shoulder, knee, elbow, hand and wrist pain relief.

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Smartest Pack - Drops,
Caps & Cream Bundle

1 Smart Drops, 1 Neuro Smart, and 1 Smart Relief Cream with a smart price tag!


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hempsmart™ Smart Drops Natural Hemp 33.3mg

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We know that safe and effective hemp comes down to science. We’ve invested countless hours to make sure our science is not just smart, but hempsmart. You can count on specially-formulated products that make choosing us the smartest choice for your CBD needs.

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