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This is a great question that I am asked frequently. Many individuals with physical challenges, like low energy, poor sleep, memory issues, pain from exertion, or stress, report impressive improvement after supplementing with a good quality broad-spectrum CBD product. But what if you are feeling GREAT, with plenty of energy, stamina, great sleep, no pain and no stress? First, let me say CONGRATULATIONS! You are in the fortunate minority.

Our bodies are amazing. Our cells were designed to be resilient and resistant to illness. Every cell has an innate intelligence that simply requires the right raw materials to function properly. Cells communicate with each other constantly to monitor and regulate our body functions. The “orchestra conductor”, behind the scenes, that helps our cells, organs, glands and tissues communicate is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The ECS does three very important things to keep us healthy:

  1. It regulates ALL of our hormones (sex hormones, thyroid hormones & adrenal hormones.
  2. It regulates our brain chemistry (neurotransmitters responsible for mood, sleep, learning, memory, focus, problem solving)
  3. It regulates our immune response (how we respond to environmental threats at a cellular level)

That’s right. We are hardwired to use cannabinoids and even produce small quantities of them internally. They are SO important, that there are even cannabinoids in human breast milk. Our native cannabinoids have a short life and are used up quickly in times of stress.

So back to the original question, should healthy people take CBD? The short but emphatic answer is YES! We live in a stressful world and our internal production of cannabinoids is constantly challenged.

Pure, organically grown, broad spectrum CBD is a wise investment in your continued health and vitality. We may FEEL healthy up until the time that our body’s resources are totally exhausted. When our ECS is unable to keep up with daily demands, the “orchestra conductor” has now walked off the stage! Multiple functions of the body now lack harmony and coordination. What started as a masterpiece of vibrant health deteriorates into a second rate production.

For individuals (and pets) with health concerns, hempSMART’s premium organically grown, broad spectrum CBD can offer a natural choice. For those lucky enough to already be enjoying great health, hempSMART offers comprehensive “insurance” that will pay dividends for decades to come! Don’t leave your health to chance. Choose wellness by supporting the wisdom of every cell. Be hempSMART. Real results you can FEEL from the brand you can TRUST!

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