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Good sleep is foundational for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Without it, your emotional balance, daytime productivity, energy, and weight can all be negatively impacted. Yet, according to research, a third of most Americans regularly toss and turn during the night, struggling to achieve the sleep they need. 

Looking to get more restful, restorative sleep? Here are 6 steps to help:

1. Wind down and clear your head

Transition into bedtime by creating a relaxing bedtime ritual, helping your mind prepare for sleep. This could be practicing a relaxation technique, such as taking hempsmart Smart Drops to wind down after a long day, taking a warm bath, restorative yoga, listening to some relaxing music, or even something as simple as dimming the lights. Learn what works best for you to get your mind and body prepared for sleep.

2. Turn off electronics

Switch off your electronics at least an hour or two before going to sleep. This is a big reason why many people have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. The primary sleep hormone, melatonin, is rarely secreted if there’s even a little bit of light. So, if you are someone who uses their phone or computer late at night, your body thinks it’s daytime and therefore has a harder time falling asleep. 

3. Make your room as dark as possible

Having a dark room is very important. Any peek of light could keep your body from producing an adequate amount of melatonin. Additionally, if you live in a city with constant noise and bright lights, blackout curtains can help keep your room dark at any time of day. We’re also a fan of sleep masks in case a dark room isn’t possible.

Six Steps for Better Sleep

4. Keep your room temperature cool

Sleep and temperature are in fact connected. This is because your core body temperature reduces during sleep and increases when you wake up, meaning keeping your room cool can help trick your body into falling asleep more easily. Most experts recommend temperatures between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for the best night’s sleep. 

5. Exercise early in the day

Thirty minutes of daily exercise is important for your cardiovascular health and mental fitness. However, it isn’t recommended to exercise within a few hours of going to bed. Being active too close to bedtime can mean adrenaline and endorphin levels are elevated, making it hard for your brain to transition to sleep mode.

Six Steps for Better Sleep

6. Meditate

Meditating before bedtime can also help your mind and body calm down, preparing your body for rest. Meditation is not just about stopping or clearing away thoughts, it is also about learning to be at ease with your thoughts and being more compassionate to others and yourself. Because of this, mindful meditation can help you better manage stress and paves the way for a good night’s rest.

If you’re like one of the millions of Americans who struggle to get restful sleep, consider implementing these steps into your bedtime routine. Hempsmart Smart Drops are a great addition to your sleep routine, helping you achieve more restorative sleep and overall well-being.  

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