Travel is Sometimes a PAIN!

Pain is a common complaint for men and women of all ages:

  • Active athletes
  • Weekend warriors
  • Executives with muscle soreness, from hours at the computer
  • Laborers who stress multiple muscle groups daily
  • Commuters and airline passengers with cramped backs and legs
  • Those who lift and carry heavy objects (carrying your children counts!)
  • Those who sit or stand, for long periods, without interruption

Even minor nagging discomfort can limit our ability to participate enthusiastically in life’s varied activities.

If this sounds like you, or someone you care about, you are about to make an exciting discovery!

HempSMART Pain Cream helps to temporarily soothe sore aching muscles and joints with a synergistic combination of natural botanicals and full spectrum hemp extract, featuring CBD, CBG, and a broad range of active terpenes. There is no THC so it cannot make you “high.” HempSMART Pain Cream is safe, effective, legal in all 50 States, and works very quickly!

The unique blend of premium botanicals provides an immediate soothing, cooling sensation, while temporarily relieving minor muscle and joint pain due to physical activity. HempSMART has carefully chosen premium ingredients and formulated this unique topical product to be safe and effective.


hempSMART Pain Cream now comes in a TRAVEL size!

PainThe stresses and physical demands of travel are sometimes a PAIN! It’s fantastic to know that you have a safe, effective topical cream that you can apply ANYTIME to soothe and relax your muscles and relieve discomfort. Carry one with you wherever you travel …… even to the office or the gym.

When you order your full size Pain Cream, for home use, remember to get your travel size bottles for your purse, briefcase, office drawer, gym bag, or carry-on.

Your body will thank you! Your friends will also thank you, if you decide to share!


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